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Faster Fitness - St. Louis's Premier Personal Training Studio

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What Makes Us Different

By Faster Fitness Owner Marshall Ray

You have a lot of options in St. Louis for your fitness, and they may help you lose some weight or improve your fitness.

But here's the reality: Almost every Personal trainer in St. Louis only focuses on making you puke, not on preventing injuries or improving your overall well being.

They put you in cookie cutter bootcamps, workout of the days or generic programs that are only proven to get you hurt. You can spot these trainers when all they talk about is "burning calories." They judge the quality of your workout by how much you sweat and if you hit a PR (Personal Record), regardless of your form. This will only lead to muscular and hormonal imbalances that leave you in pain, overweight and frustrated.


You have unique goals, so your entire program needs to be customized to you!

At Faster Fitness, we assess you monthly to build you a balanced, lean body.

We use the revolutionary Biosignature system to power our Nutrition Consultations. This allows us to identify what hormones are preventing you from being lean or having great energy. This allows us to spot fat loss and make you feel incredible everyday.

Our competitive workouts will keep you motivated and makes working out fun. And we hold you accountable to make sure you reach the goals you deserve.

So if you are serious about changing the way you look or feel, give us a call at 314-962-2255 or leave your contact info below.

The Best Personal Training in St. Louis

What’s Your Goal?

We excel at taking people of any exercise history and getting them where they want to be. Our Personal Training programs make sure we give you ALL the tools you need to reach your weight loss goals and make permanent changes to keep it off! Look into our Metabolic Strength Training program or program design to achieve this. Contact us for more information.
If you want to look and feel better than ever, you need to look into either our Metabolic Strength Training group sessions or Custom Program Design to train from a different location. You will be shown the right way to perform exercises and have done for you programs that only require your hard work. Think your up to the challenge? Then contact us and look into Metabolic Strength Training or Program Design.
We have trained over 400 athletes to improve power, speed, strength while reducing injury risk significantly. We focus on functional strength training optimized for your goal.  We have worked with athletes from the age of 9 up to the professional ranks. We strive to improve performance, but we simultaneously reduce the risk of future injuries through balanced strength training.  In fact, Faster Fitness is one of the only personal training studios in St. Louis that is affiliated with Physical Therapist, Chiropractors and Orthopedic Surgeons through the Sports Education Initiative. We recommend you look into the Next Level Athlete Program and contact us today.
With our assessment process, every person gets a total body blueprint to identify limiting factors that are addressed through specific soft tissue works, stretches and corrective exercises to bring up lagging parts. This will end pain, skyrocket your performance, and help you reach your goals faster. In fact, Faster Fitness is one of the only personal training studios in St. Louis that is affiliated with Physical Therapist, Chiropractors and Orthopedic Surgeons through the Sports Education Initiative. Contact us to set up a free consultation and we can determine what your best solution is.



Services Offered

We have a world class Group Personal Training  program that is excellent for anyone who wants to get lean or stay lean. Our program is customized Metabolic Strength Training complete with mobility work and metabolic finishers that is guaranteed to get lean and strong as fast as possible. This program is perfect for the busy person who only has 2-4 hours a week to workout. Members receive a customized program, off day routines, premier personal training, a Biosignature Nutrition Consultation and ongoing accountability coaching to keep you motivated. Say hello to the newest, best form of personal training in St. Louis.
Our Next Level Athlete program is the best small group personal training program available for anyone who wants to improve their strength, speed and athleticism. You will become a better athlete, guaranteed. We provide all of our athletes with full nutrition plans, supplement advice to ensure you are making maximal gains, and off day programming. If you are serious about getting a scholarship or maximizing your professional talent then this program is a must. For our professional athletes 1 on 1 training is available for optimal training.
If you live far away or want a more affordable option, Program Design may be the perfect fit for you. We have different tiers and we will help you find the perfect fit needed to reach  your goal. If can not make it to Faster Fitness regularly and your goal is to improve your physique, fat loss, or gain muscle, this is your best solution. Contact us for more details.
Our Biosignature Nutrition Counseling program is a combination of hormonal analysis through Biosignature and blood work, and giving you the optimal plan based on the results. With this, you will be able to spot fat loss, gain muscle or reach any goal as fast as possible.



Let the results speak for themselves


It is so empowering to know that diet and exercise do work and having a personal training service to help you is one of the best investments you will ever make.
Lauren - Lost 110 Lbs
Because my personal training, I avoided knee surgery, ended pain and changed my life. I WANT to work out now!
Laura - Lost 90 Lbs
I was referred to Faster Fitness by a friend of mine. My current workouts had become stagnant, and I was clueless as to true nutrition. From the second I set foot into Faster Fitness things started to change. Not only was I introduced to a completely different way of working out, but it has become a day in day out learning experience as to what to eat and what not to eat. The staff take their time in explaining things, and the moment your body becomes acclimated with one workout they change it up. The gains I have seen as far as appearance and energy level in a very short time are phenomenal. I would highly recommend this type of personal training to anyone that is SERIOUS about getting into shape and caring for their body.
Ryan - Yelp review


Before and After Pictures


Claire  - Overcame Hypothyroidism. Lost 40 lbs of fat and over 15% Body Fat!  


Katie – Leaner, Healthier, Stronger than Ever.

Katie Anderson smaller b4after




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