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There are a lot of options for personal training in St. Louis and they may or may not help you lose weight and get in shape. Here’s the reality: most personal trainers in St. Louis focus on losing weight instead of losing proper weight (fat vs. muscle), preventing injuries, and improving your overall wellbeing. They judge the quality of your workout by how much you sweat and achieving personal records while completely disregarding your form (one of the most important aspects of proper fitness). They use cookie cutter bootcamps, classes and other generic programs that can result in overtraining and injury. This leads to muscular and hormonal imbalances that leave you in pain, fatigued, overweight and frustrated. Trust me: THERE IS A BETTER WAY!

You have specific fitness goals along with a unique body type so you need a fitness program that’s customized for your goals and body type. At Faster Fitness, we perform monthly assessments to help you build a balanced and lean body designed for optimal performance and energy. We use the revolutionary Biosignature program to power our nutrition consulting. Our programs program allows us to identify what muscular and hormonal imbalances are preventing you from reaching your goals. Our challenging workouts provide a motivational and fun alternative to the stereotypical gym.

Faster Fitness offers the following (but not limited to) fitness services in St. Louis: personal training, group personal training, metabolic strength training, athletic training, injury prevention training, mobility training, group work out classes, stretching class and better alternatives to CrossFit Classes, TRX Classes and Boot Camp classes. We also provide nutrition consulting with each of our programs to ensure that you’re fueling your body correctly for the desired results. See what separates Faster Fitness from the rest of the gyms and personal trainers in St. Louis: please complete the contact form to the right or give us a call at 314-962-2255.

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