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Today is the day you start losing unwanted fat, building muscle, and sculpting those beautiful curves.
  •  Are you ready to lose weight and get a toned, sculpted bod?
  •  Do you want to finally learn how to build a “buzz worthy booty” ?
  •  Do you want to improve your energy and feel more fit than EVER before?
If this is you, you're not alone! Femme Fit is an online personal training program made for women who feel the same way you do and are ready to finally start seeing RESULTS. Helping women build their dream bods is what we live for. We can't wait to see your transformation! 
Maddie Moore, Lost 13% Body Fat
Amanda Schmitt, Lost 9% Body Fat
Nikki Z, Lost 70 lbs
What’s in it for you?
World-Class training by the "Body Sculpting Experts"
We’ve spent the past 5 years developing the perfect program for you.
Our program is different than other app-based workout programs in that it will progress to heavy-ish weight lifting. The Femme Fit program targets specific muscles to give you a toned, feminine body. Our program focuses on fat loss first. We utilize metabolic workouts to make sure you achieve your weight loss goals. We use science to BUILD all 3 muscles in your booty to not just provide lift, but also to make it stronger, larger, and to enhance the curve of your hips. We sculpt your arms and utilize specific core training to tone your abs without adding bulk. Every detail of the program down to pauses and rest periods has a purpose and is intentional. We also make sure the design of the program is promoting functional strength to improve posture and prevent injuries.
A fun training experience
The Femme Fit app allows you to workout anytime and anywhere. 
We customize a proven training plan that you can perform at a local gym or an at home gym whenever it’s convenient for you. With our app, your coach is right there with you telling you what to do, showing you how to do it, and motivating you to push harder so that every workout is a blast.
Nutrition coaching and meal plans
Your coach will provide you with a simple meal plan that will jumpstart your transformation.
This proven system will help you lose fat and gain muscle, so that you can start building the toned, feminine body you really want. We give you custom meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists to save you time and make your new lifestyle transition as easy as possible. Then, we provide the accountability to make sure you’re getting the progress you want and need.
Support to make sure you hit your goals
We got this, queens!! 
Having the ideal training and nutrition plan is important, but having the support and guidance of a coach that cares about you is vital. Your coach will help you get through both the good and challenging times and you’ll always have access to the Femme Fit Family to celebrate your success or ask for help.
What’s up with us
The journey of Femme Fit started about 5 years ago. Girl meets boy. Boy’s a personal trainer guy that’s way more nerdy than expected. Girl is a super nerd with a love for hip hop (irrelevant ;)). Boy starts whipping ole super nerd girl into improved physical shape. Boy and girl do tons and tons and tons of research and development in women's fitness. Girl becomes extremely pleased with dream bod results… Thus, FEMME FIT IS BORN :) YAYAYAYAY!! #MarriedLife #ScienceNerds #
Dr. Savanna Ray
“Drink some coffee, put on some gansta-rap, and handle that shit”
Savanna is a pharmacist and has 8+ years of experience in the doctoral studies of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Her primary passion is utilizing this knowledge to develop female focused training and nutrition programs to help women gain confidence and build their dream bodies.
Marshall Ray, CSCS, Pn1
Founder of Faster Fitness
“We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to help hundreds of clients make dramatic transformations at Faster Fitness. Seeing people mentally AND physically transform inspires us to innovate and help others achieve the same results.”

Marshall has been a coach for over 13 years and has a passion for helping people transform their lives through training and nutrition. Marshall is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach. 

Let’s get started!
If you’re interested in experiencing the program, then click the link at the bottom of the page to sign up for our 14 Day FREE Trial. 
The goal of the Femme Fit Program is to lose unwanted body fat, begin shaping your ideal body, and start improving your energy. 
To continue after the 14 Day Free Trial, our Femme Fit Program is just $79 a month and it includes an even higher level of training and nutrition coaching so that you can build the dream body you’ve always wanted. 

To maintain world class standards, we can only take on a very small number of clients each month. We currently have availability but if you’re ready to start your transformation next Monday, then click the link below to sign up for our 14 Day FREE Trial right now.
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