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Get Leaner and Athletic With Group Personal Training
Get FASTER RESULTS In 6 Weeks Than 
Most People Get In 6 Months
Walter Lost 5% Body Fat
Kyleen Lost 8% Body Fat
Michael Lost 26 Lbs and 4.9% Body Fat
Sarah Lost 3.2% Body Fat
 Maddie Lost 6.2% Body Fat
Mandi Lost 6.9% Body Fat
Jason Lost 7.6% Body Fat
Liz Lost 4% Body Fat
Kathleen Lost 5% Body Fat
Natalie Lost 7.8% Body Fat
Shannon Lost 20 Lbs and 3.9% Body Fat
Cara Lost 5.2% Body Fat

Born In St. Louis and Serving With Pride

"Faster Fitness is the ultimate gym & training experience! Classes are personal, focused and fun...Most importantly, this program produces results." - Ali B.
"I've seen more results in 3 months as a member than I have after years as a member at the local gym. " - Peter B.
What You'll Get
  • FAST Fat Loss: We've become St. Louis's transformation experts by helping over 1200 people like you overcome struggles and discover the lean, healthy body they deserve. Our clients have lost over 2600% body fat and 8,000 lbs of fat in these challenges. By signing up, you can start getting the fastest results that science allows.
  • ​Improved Strength and Endurance With Group Personal Training and At-Home Workouts. This will help you get more toned and athletic, regardless of where you're starting. You'll get a complete in-person training program and complimentary at-home sessions every week. Our hybrid program makes it as convenient as possible to get rapid results and train consistently. Plus, you'll get access to our on-demand workout library, so you can make up workouts and train as much as you want. 
  • Yoga On Demand. Improve your mobility and mindfulness by performing our weekly virtual sessions, or use our on-demand library to do it as much as you'd like, wherever you'd like.
  • Proven meal plans with easy recipes that will make it simple to get started and stick with it. Our unparalleled nutrition program may be the key to breaking your plateau.
  • Daily nutrition accountability from world-class coaches that will help you overcome struggles, celebrate winnings and make sure you follow through. 
  • ​​A new group of gym friends that will support you and help you look forward to your workouts.
Flexible Schedule
We have a variety of 45 minutes sessions at our Brentwood location that you can choose between so it’s always convenient to train. 

  • AM: 5:05, 6:00, 6:55, 9:00, 9:55
  •  PM: 4:00, 4:55, 5:50, 6:45
  •  Saturdays: 7:10, 8:05, 9:00, 9:55 am
The Goal Of The Challenge Is To Lose 3% Body Fat and Transform In 6 Weeks
The cost of the challenge is $199 for a complete training, nutrition and accountability program that will help you make an incredible transformation in 6 weeks.

If you hit the goal of losing 3% body fat, then you’ll win $100 that can be applied towards a membership to continue your progress!

We've helped hundreds of clients make incredible progress and would love the oppportunity to help you experience the same results and the impact that it has on all areas of your life. 
How Do I Get Started?
To reserve your spot in our 6 Week Full Body Transformation Challenge, your next step is to fill out the information below. 
The challenge starts soon and we can only take on a limited number of people, so please reserve your spot while it's available.
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