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Fox Segment – Why Diets Can Wreck Your Metabolism

Did you know that too extreme of a diet or staying on a diet for too long can wreck your metabolism? Watch the Fox 2 Segment below and read the full article for the whole story.  

Fox Segment – Magnesium

  Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in our bodies. There are countless benefits to eating foods high in Magnesium and supplementing to achieve optimal blood values. Watch the video below to learn more.

Fox Segment – 4 Week Plans That Get Results

  You're motivated and ready to make some changes, but you have to have a plan. These 4 week plans will get you back strength training, doing intervals, and eating better.

Fox Segment – Efficient Workouts

So you want to get back in the habit of working out, but your short on time. You need convenient, efficient workouts. This video explains how to do them if you don't train at Faster Fitness.

Fox Segment – Foam Rolling

  Learn how to prevent injuries, optimize your flexibility and improve your performance. Watch St. Louis's Fox 2 news segment below to learn about foam rolling.   Learn more by checking out the rest of our blog or by visiting us in person at Faster Fitness.

Fox Segment – Meal Replacements

Do you want to learn how to make healthy shakes and know the healthiest protein bars, powders, and even ice cream? Then check out our segment on St. Louis's Fox 2 news to learn how to make the best meal replacements to stay on top of your goals!   To learn more recipes read our [...]

Fox Segment – 4 Exercises You Must Do To Be Fit For Summer

Do you want to be fit throughout summer? Then you need to learn the 4 most important exercises. Watch our segment on St. Louis's Fox 2 news for more!   Read the rest of the blog to learn more tips or in person at Faster Fitness.

Fox Segment – Intervals For Fat Loss

Do you want to lose body fat and be in better shape? Then you need to learn how intervals can help you reach your goals faster. This is one of my favorite segments on theSt. Louis based Fox 2 news station on how that will give you a specific break down of how to do [...]

Fox Segment – Losing Weight The Right Way

Not all weight loss is equal. In the video below I spoke to Fox 2 News anchor Margie Ellisor about the difference between losing weight the right way and wrong way. Check it out here:

Fox Segment – Losing Weight Faster

Recently I had the opportunity to be on Fox 2 News and share some info on losing weight faster. Check out the link here: