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I just wanted to get back into shape, that was my original goal. And I had so much fun doing it that I actually asked my wife to join me.
I had family members that were coming to Faster Fitness and getting the results that I had always been wanting to get since I was a teenager so I decided to make that change. And it slowly became a full circle lifestyle change for me.
I came to Faster Fitness a year ago, almost exactly. I have lost 54 lbs, I have lost 12% body fat. I feel better, a lot of the aches and pains are gone.
It is so empowering to know that diet and exercise do work and having someone to help you is one of the best investments you will ever make.
Lauren B.
I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism right before my nutrition consultation. The next 4 weeks I lost 15 lbs and 4.6% body fat.
Clair S.
I avoided knee surgery, ended pain and changed my life. I WANT to work out now!
Laura R.