Tracking Your Fitness Goal Has Never Been Easier!

The fear of technology is a thing of the past. Long gone, is this notion that modern technology is something we should fear. I mean… just this blog, for instance, would take about twice as long to complete if I had to write out everything by hand, and even then, how would I be able [...]

You Need to Chill

Get your stress under control… the right way It’s Monday morning. There are 8 Facebook notifications to respond to, 30 new emails, an entire feed of Instagram posts to engage with, an 8 hour work day ahead of you, an hour workout after that, dinner, showers, family time, and taking care of logistical business like [...]

Embrace Your Inner Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman stormed the comic world in 1941 with indestructible cuffs and a lasso that reveals the truth. She’s a character that has brains, beauty, and brawn. While comic racks were once dominated with muscular super-men wearing spandex, Wonder Woman came in to unsettle the boy’s club. And rightfully so. Young girls also need a [...]

What Carbs Are ‘Cool’?

This is probably the question I get asked most consistently. I mean, how could carbs not be confusing? Carbohydrates are without a doubt the most abundant macronutrient in our foods today. These sneaky little guys are hidden in almost everything we eat and can be extremely tedious to keep track of. Not to mention, they [...]

Setting the Right Fitness Goals for You

Why do you want to get healthy? That’s an important question that is going to dictate your strategy moving forward. Maybe you noticed you’re getting winded easier when playing with your kids. Perhaps it’s because you noticed that you have jumped significantly in clothing sizes. Maybe you just don’t like sitting at a desk all [...]

Not All Group Training is the Same

Long gone are the dated “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” and jazzercise classes. Group training classes aren’t just spandex filled rooms led by coaches spouting cheesy motivational lines. Faster Fitness is one of many gyms in St. Louis who offer group training classes. In 2017, there are so many fat-burning, heart-racing fitness classes that will get [...]

Finding The Right Gym For You

Finding the right gym is more than a game of hide & seek. It’s not just a matter of finding a gym in the wild - it’s about finding the right one for you. The keyword there is YOU. Just like with any journey, you need to prepare before jumping right into it. You need [...]

What’s Better For You: Strength or Cardio?

It’s the age old debate for fitness. Should you focus more on strength or cardio for your fitness? Strength training is notorious for building muscle that helps you perform better, run faster and prevent injuries. Because the lack of impact movements, it's safer to train this way if you have a history of knee or back [...]

Faster Fitness: The Total Health Package

Faster Fitness is about more than fitness. We take pride in offering more than just great personal training in St. Louis. We go above and beyond to provide the information for our clients to exceed their fitness goals. Finding that success isn’t always easy. It takes hard work, and in many cases, more than just [...]

A New You Is an All Year Commitment

Any survey of “New Year’s Resolutions” will tell you the same thing: most people want to get healthier, lose weight, diet, or exercise.  But in a study from Forbes, it’s reported that only 8% of people who make any kind of New Year’s resolution end up keeping them. None of that seems to matter though. [...]

CrossFit & Faster Fitness: A Better Fit For You

Is CrossFit the right fit for you? Let’s say you’re on the hunt for a new doctor. You ask around to your friends. You research online. You compare degrees. It’s your health at stake, so obviously you want the best of the best. Why wouldn’t you use the same careful selection process for your fitness [...]

Personal Training: The Right Choice For You

When most people hear the term “Personal Trainer,” they think of an over priced, over muscled, “brah” who only cares about protein shakes and getting “swole.” Sometimes these guys use this job as an ego boost or even as an opportunity to get a date for the weekend (Take a hike meathead!). Bigger gyms that [...]

Excuses for Avoiding the Gym Can Be…Exhausting

Excuses for Avoiding the Gym Can Be...Exhausting For every gym in St. Louis (and there’s a lot of them) there’s a handful of people with excuses as to why they don’t go to the gym. “I can never stick to a regimen”. “I simply don’t have the time”. “Gyms costs way too much.” “Organized [...]

Are You Living In a Fitness Desert?

Are You Living In a Fitness Desert? You have to admit it – in the greater St. Louis area, we’re all a bit spoiled when it comes to nearby fitness centers. From weight lifting gyms to yoga studios, from 24-hour GloboGyms to group personal training gyms, from CrossFit boxes to wellness centers…fitness options seem to [...]

Is CrossFit Right For You? You Just Might Be Surprised…

We’re sure you’ve heard about CrossFit by now. CrossFit is all the rage and has created extremely loyal (and vocal) devotees, spawned specialized lines of workout gear, sparked multiple blogs, podcasts, and publications, and in 2007 it even launched its very own version of the Olympic Games. According to the main site, is [...]