Most exercise programs don’t provide the total solution that you really need.

Faster Fitness’s programs provide everything that you need, complete with a fun training experience, nutrition coaching and accountability to make sure you’re hitting your goals.

So ask yourself…

Do you want to lose weight or get more toned?

Do you want to get stronger, have better endurance or be athletic again?

Have you tried other programs, but they haven't helped you get and keep the body that you've always wanted?

Which Solution Is Best For You?

Group Personal Training

Train to get a toned and athletic body

Our unique balance of targeted strength training and metabolic conditioning will help you be fit and build your ideal body type.


Femme Fit Online Training

Train to get a toned and feminine body

We customize a proven training plan that you can perform at a local gym, or an at home or travel gym whenever it’s convenient for you.


Do You Want Results Like These?

Amanda Schmitt, Lost 9% Body Fat

Matt Schmitt, Lost 80 lbs

Maddie Moore, Lost 13% Body Fat

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