Episode 5: How to Lose Fat

Charles Poliquin

Episode 5: How to Lose Fat

Instead of plagerizing Charles Poliquin, check out his newest post that beautifully summarizes how to permanently lose fat. The post titled “Avoid The Fat Trap” he says it beautifully:


“For best body composition results isn’t elusive, complicated or very difficult. Eat high protein and low carbohydrate foods. Strength Train with short rest intervals. Make sure you get the essential nutrients and consider adding other supplements that aid metabolism. Eliminate foods you crave that trip you up. Make it a lifestyle and you’ll feel better.”


Be sure to read the full blog linked above to read WHY those the latter is true!



Charles just dropped a lot of knowledge in a couple lines there. From an overall stand point, that is exactly what you need. The more experienced lifter you are, the better results you will get. If you are a beginner or have major structural imbalances, it will take some time to get to this level of profiency. Even if you have lifted for 10 years but have muscle imbalances, you are closer to a beginner than you realize. In this scenario, the muscles don’t sync up properly, which not only puts you at a higher risk of injury, but it greatlyinhibitsperformance and therefore, fat loss.

Get yourself assessed to identify your weak areas, then do corrective exercises to get your body re-aligned. From there, the sky is the limit. In the mean time, solid nutrition is mandatory. That means high protein, carbs fromveggies, 5 meals a day. As for cardio or metabolic work, I woulddo structurallysafe work like battle ropes or specific exercises in a tabata format. It’s not hard, itjusttakes a clear program, and the commitment to execute the plan. Now that you have the former, go make it happen!

About the Author: Marshall Ray

Marshall Ray is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Level 2 Poliquin International Certified Strength Coach (PICP), Biosignature Practitioner and a certified Precision Nutrition Coach (Pn1). He is the founder of Faster Fitness and co-founder of Femme Fit. He's passionate about building a community of people who love fitness and taking control of their health.