Our Top 10 Healthy Nutrition Alternatives To Save A TON of Calories

Our Top 10 Healthy Nutrition Alternatives To Save A TON of Calories

Eating to lose body fat or fuel your fitness lifestyle is pretty simple. Generally, the rules look like this:

Eat lean protein 4 times a day, every 4 hours, with plenty of veggies at lunch and dinner. Then add some quality carbs like berries, oatmeal, or brown rice then healthy fats like nuts and oils and depending on your goal. If you goal is to lose body fat, don’t add much. If your goal is to maintain body fat and improve your fitness, add more carbs and a little fat.

That sounds great in theory, but as we seek more variety, we need to better define the “gray area”.

In short, foods are never healthy or not. Its all about how it fits into the big picture. To be more specific, the amount of carbs, protein and fat (thus, calories) that you take in for the day or better yet, the week. Since not everyone is going to do MyFitnessPal for the rest of our lives, here’s some hacks for the top 10 nutrition alternatives from the #FasterFam that are sure to save you a TON of extra calories.

Our Top 10 Healthy Nutrition Alternatives

  1. Halo Top Ice Cream over Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream – 240 less calories
  2. MIO mixed water over soda – 170 less calories per 12 oz serving
  3. Egg whites over whole eggs – 150 less calories for 3 eggs
  4. PB2 over peanut and nut butters – 145 less calories per serving (2 Tbsp)
  5. Fat free balsamic dressing over ranch dressing Р135 less calories per serving
  6. Olive oil cooking spray over olive oil (or butter) – 120 less calories per serving
  7. Unsweetened vanilla almond milk over 2% milk – 90 less calories per 8 oz serving
  8. Truly Spiked Sparkling Water (5% Alcohol) over Angry Orchard Cider (5% Alcohol) (or any other alcoholic bevvy) – 90 less calories and 24 g less carbs per bottle
  9. Ground turkey over ground beef – 80 less calories per 4 oz serving
  10. Quest bars (or bars with similar macros) over Clif bars Р60 less calories per bar, 32 less net carbs


Hopefully these nutrition alternatives can spark some inspiration for you to pause the next time you get a craving and think about the calories in what you’re about to eat. Often, you can find ways to make something taste very similar and avoid gaining body fat like the examples above.

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About the Author: Marshall Ray

Marshall Ray is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Level 2 Poliquin International Certified Strength Coach (PICP), Biosignature Practitioner and a certified Precision Nutrition Coach (Pn1). He is the founder of Faster Fitness and co-founder of Femme Fit. He's passionate about building a community of people who love fitness and taking control of their health.