Why Avoiding Salt Will Increase Your Blood Pressure


Why Avoiding Salt Will Increase Your Blood Pressure

For decades we have been told that we need to avoid salt to lower blood pressure, but what if that wasn’t the whole story?

There are many conflicting studies that can prove that avoiding salt does or does not significantly lower blood pressure, but the researchers have been missing the boat the whole time. How?

Because every test was performed with refined salt.

Refined salt is the basic salt that we see everywhere. In processed foods, canned foods, in salt shakers at restaurants and most people’s homes, most seasonings, and pretty much anytime you see a noticeably high sodium level in a food or drink.

THIS kind of salt should be avoided because the manufacturing process has striped the salt from all of its minerals while adding bleach for coloring and the toxic bromine which inhibits Iodine absorption and Thyroid function. This will lowers your metabolism and makes it hard to get or stay lean.

And physiologically speaking, excess salt of any kind can raise your blood pressure.

But unrefined salt consumption is dramatically different than refinedsalt intake.

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Celtic Sea Salt is good for blood pressure

Refined and unrefined salt.


Most unrefined salt contains over 80 minerals in their natural state that will replenish cells with minerals that make up our body. For example, calcium is a building block of bones. Magnesium is natures calming agent and having insufficient levels will lead to anxiety and sleep problems. Each of these 80 minerals has a similar story: They are hard to find in foods, and are essential to having a healthy body. Having optimal levels will lead to optimal health, but having deficiencies will lead to alot of the diseases and disorders that are diagnosed today. A high quality Sea Salt like Celtic Sea Salt is almost like a supplement to a high quality multi-vitamin, which is why EVERYONE should be on.

From a health standpoint, I can’t emphasize this enough.

A large percentage of metabolic disorders that I see are mineral deficiencies leading to poor insulin management, sleep, thyroid and adrenal issues.

And they’re all related.

If one mineral is deficient, it can lead to an impaired hormonal response, which leads other hormones to under or over produce.

Stage 1: Low magnesium leads to poor Cortisol detoxification which leads to

Stage 2: Chronically high Cortisol which leads to

Stage 3: Poor sleep patterns which leads to

Stage 4: Adrenal Fatigue which leads to

Stage 5: Low energy, making it hard to workout, which lowers your metabolism, which both adrenal fatigue and a low energy output leads to

Stage 6: Decreased Thyroid production, lowering your metabolism, making it hard to get or stay lean.

That is only 1 example, but you get the point: minerals are VERY important.


But wait! The minerals ALSO help you regulate your pH levels, which helps keep your body neutral or slightly alkaline.

The stripped down refined salt not only has no health benefits, but it also lowers your pH, because the lack of minerals make it very acidic.

Diseases BREED in an acidic environment, so to avoid chronic illnesses and feel your best, maintaining a healthy pH is essential.


So by now you are opening your eyes to see that unrefined salt might be healthy for you. Now let’s take it a step further to show you how it is ESSENTIAL to optimal health.


So you’ve heard of electrolytes, right? Potassium, magnesium, calcium, and oh yeah…sodium.

Most people think that they are only found in Gatorade, but believe it or not, they can be found in foods like salt.

Electrolytes are critical to life because they keep the balance between cells and our blood stream communicating properly. Technically speaking, having adequate levels ensures that the intracellular fluid of a cell (the organelles) is functioning properly and that the extracellular fluid (white and red blood cells, vitamins, minerals) can be utilized when needed.

When we have low levels of sodium and other minerals it leads to a cascade of events that lead to increased blood pressure.

Earlier I gave a breakdown of how lowered Magnesium can lead to lower adrenal function, lets revisit that for a second.

The Adrenals are responsible for regulating salt absorption in the body. If you take in too much refined salts it will likely lead to mineral deficiencies and adrenal fatigue.

This leads to a whole new host of issues, but lets stay focused on the adrenals and salt regulation.

When sodium intake is too LOW, the adrenals release a hormone called Aldosterone that tells the kidneys to retain as much sodium as it can. This will lead to High Blood Pressure. Drinking more water or decreasing sodium won’t help. They cells need minerals.

At this point, if you continue to ingest refined salt which has no vital minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium, it will worsen the deficiencies. Deficient minerals will leave the cells (or organelles specifically) undernourished, nonfunctional and acidic, which is the breeding ground of disease. Finally, the increased blood pressure will lead to the extracellular fluid pulling the electrolytes out of the cells which leads to cell death 🙂

So what do we need? In my opinion, everyone should at least cycle a high quality Multi-Vitamin like the Poliquin brand because it prevents deficiencies in these minerals. Plus, it is high dose and easily absorption will supports the adrenals, thyroid (Iodine) and more which leads to optimal body composition, energy and mental clarity.

But nutrient rich food that contain these minerals MUST be apart of everyone’s diet. Organic and natural foods are ideal, with vegetables, meat and some fruits being the most nutrient rich food available.

But unrefined, colored (gray, pink, etc.)sea salt MUST be part of the solution.

Each brand of Sea Salt has a different mineral profile, but hands down, Celtic Sea Salt is the winner.

It has the highest amount of magnesium, potassium and the other important minerals. So it will help replenish your minerals and provide you the essential sodium that you need to have prevent headaches and have good energy, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and adrenal/thyroid/immune system function.

I would recommend taking 1/2 tsp with every 32 oz of water you drink plus some on food. The practical way is to put heavier amounts on your food and eat regularly throughout the day, but this is harder to quantify. Typically don’t exceed 5 g a day, and most people will be in the 1-3 g range. If you remember to use balance there is no need to be neurotic.

If you eat a lot of protein or have fatigue, most likely from some degree of adrenal fatigue, your intake needs to be on the higher range. If you have any conditions such as high blood pressure, I would advise talking to a doctor who is aware of the difference between refined and unrefined salt. Before your consult, print this blog and bring it to them. If they are interested in further reading, I encourage them the purchase the book “Salt, your way to health.” By Dr. David Brownstein.

So relish in the fact that not only is the right amount of the right kind of salt okay for you, it is ESSENTIALto your mind, body and long term health.

You can now officially enjoy your food again.


Inspiring change,

Marshall Ray – CSCS, CES, FMS, Biosignature[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

About the Author: Marshall Ray

Marshall Ray is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Level 2 Poliquin International Certified Strength Coach (PICP), Biosignature Practitioner and a certified Precision Nutrition Coach (Pn1). He is the founder of Faster Fitness and co-founder of Femme Fit. He's passionate about building a community of people who love fitness and taking control of their health.