Berry/Almond Butter Protein Shake Recipe

Shake Recipe

Berry/Almond Butter Protein Shake Recipe

This is probably my favorite protein shake I’ve ever made!



Protein Shake


8-12 oz of Almond Milk

1 -1.5 scoops of Rice or Whey Protein – The flavor heavily influences the flavor of the shake so be wise as to what you choose. I love vanilla, chocolate flavors, and even fruit flavors.

2 tbsp of Almond Butter

1/2 to 1 cup of Frozen Berries

Optional: Stevia to sweeten


Pour the ingredients into the blender in the described order.

Then blend them up until it isn’t chunky and enjoy!


Most protein shakes are a combination of these types of ingredients, just sub some here or there. Lets get an elaboration why each of these ingredients are in here:

~Almond milk is a much better flavor than water, especially the unsweetened version when you add stevia (OMG). At 2 net carbs you can have no regret too.

~Protein: We prefer Rice protein over Whey protein because its dairy free (a common food allergy) and to give variety, although whey definitely tastes better. There are positives to both proteins.

~Berries: I used a mixed berry bag of blueberries,raspberriesand blackberries. Ilikethis or blueberries straight up, but variety is always the best. The frozen berries replace the need to add ice and water it down too. Plus, they are much cheaper than fresh berries so you’ll save some cash as well.

~Almond butter issignificantlylower acid levels (ph) and much lower inflammation. Plus, most people digest almond butter better than peanut butter.

~Stevia is a calorie free sweetner that does not increase insulin levels compared to competitors like Splenda (which is acceptable as well, but not as good as stevia)


One of my favorite tricks for making world class smoothies is to add vegetables to it such asceleryorbroccoli. You barely even taste it, and it adds asignificanthealth boost. Be cautious, some taste better than others!


E-Mail us your favorite protein shake recipe and it might find its way to the blog!


Stronger Everyday,

Marshall Ray – CSCS, CES, Biosignature


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