40 Low Carb Paleo Recipes

40 Low Carb Paleo Recipes

So your feeling creative, but you want to continue your fat loss program. Here is an excellent resource for 40 delicious Paleo recipes that will satisfy your dessert desires. This post was released for Halloween, but I could eat this stuff year round.


Bonus: 5 ways to jazz up your typical low carb meal:


1) Use low calorie sauces like hot sauce and salsa.

2) Making different combinations. If you make a salad, cup the lettuce up one day. Throw some cashews in it now and then.

3) Get your variety from your veggies. You should have variety with meat and veggies, but there are far more healthy veggie options than animal protein sources.

4) Season differently. The way you season and cook a food completely changes how it tastes.

5) Plan variety. You should enjoy your food, and its essential to digestion, so plan variety and get different foods in your diet every week.



About the Author: Marshall Ray

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