Put Your Fitness Fears to Bed!

Put Your Fitness Fears to Bed!

Have you ever thought about working with a personal trainer or group personal trainer, but were just too afraid? Have you been intrigued by a fitness class, but couldn’t dare set foot in a gym? Well, it’s time to put your fitness fears to bed!

There’s nothing scary hiding in our St. Louis gym! Group Personal Training shouldn’t be something that scares you! Most fears are irrational and are created by the mind anyway, producing a negative filter to view something or someone in the world around you. And the idea of bettering your health should never be seen as a negative!

Even though we’re entering the Halloween season where we’re enveloped in spooky decor and scary films, it’s important to note that group personal training isn’t a chill-inducing experience. Still not convinced… well, take our trainer’s hand and let’s guide you through a new and exciting world that’s FAR from scary once you shine a light on its many advantages.


It fits a lot better than those costumes outta the bag from the Halloween store because it’s built around what your body needs! Our trainers initially meet with everyone who signs up to discuss what their goals are and what their strengths and weaknesses are. From there we can decide what path to guide you down.

With group personal training, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the rest of the group, falling behind, or getting discouraged. Just because it’s a group program, it is still personal. The specific training will be tailored to your distinct level of fitness, while encouraging you to give your best performance possible.


Your parents always said that it’s best to trick ‘r treat with others. There’s safety in numbers after all. Working out with people with the same drive and motivating spirit will give you that sense of ease even through the roughest, darkest spots in the night.

Everyone around you will be working towards their own fitness goals, therefore, you will be able to feel their momentum while you’re working out with them. Feel like quitting? Not with this workout, because you will be able to sense your group’s energy and it will make you want to keep fighting for the best results.


Your friend looks in the mirror and isn’t entirely sure if that’s the costume she wants to wear to the Halloween party. She says, “I LOOK RIDICULOUS! This is so stupid…” and that’s when you need to step in to provide moral support. She needs you and maybe two or three of your friends to kick her butt into gear.

It’s easier than you think to reach your goals when you have others holding you accountable. With personal training, there are only two people holding you accountable to make sure you reach your goals: you and your trainer. With group exercise classes, the instructor isn’t responsible for holding you accountable at all and is usually there just to make sure all 50+ people in the class aren’t hurt. Group personal training, on the other hand, will give you 6 or more people to make sure you’re getting to where you want to be. You won’t always have to rely on yourself to be accountable, because you will have the support and encouragement from many others.


Relationships always form when you have different people coming together for the same positive reason. Whether it’s a shared love of Halloween, an adoration for pumpkin spice lattes, or a strong desire to get fit, friendships are bound to FALL into place.

With group personal training, you’re practically guaranteed to make new friends. You already have one commonality with everyone in your group – to reach your fitness goal. But you can also bring friends and start your fitness journey together, strengthening your core bond. Having friends in the group will make the work out even more enjoyable, and you will be able to help each other get to where you want to be.

With Faster Fitness’ Group Personal Training program, you will not only receive all of the advantages stated above, but nutrition coaching as well. Our custom nutrition plan and weekly meal plan will make it easy to stay on track and of course, receive faster results. Just know that this may include you going a little lighter on the candy bars and candy corn this October. Our flexible schedule which includes a variety of classes is sure to fit with yours as well.

Now, that you know a little more about what we can do for you, I think you are ready to face your fears! I told you that it wasn’t scary!

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About the Author: Faster Fitness Team